Can Startups open corporate bank account in Hong Kong

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Whenever our non-Hong Kong clients say that Hong Kong is not a city for business anymore becasue they can』t open the bank account for their local companies or orversea corporations, we would remain them that Hong Kong is a city populating over 7 million people and we live here following the rule of laws. If you want your business to run a long way in this city, you have to follow the local games rule china company formation.

Hong Kong is not a jurisdiction whose economy is solely depending on offshore financial services, Hong Kong is a city for doing business. You may find the hardship during your initial stage of Hong Kong business, but you should not retreat. Seek help from experts, tune up your business strategy, and try again hong kong company formation.

As bank accounts in Hong Kong banks are generally known as 「difficult to open」, it means your customers and suppliers should feel confident to your company if you can successfully open a Hong Kong bank account after all the challenges.


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